User Information Satisfaction Scale Reduction: Application in an IT Outsourcing Environment




The User Information Satisfaction (UIS) scale has evolved from the work of Bailey and Pearson [2] into a shortened form that is in use today. The UIS instrument has become a widely-used measure of satisfaction in information systems. Although the short-form measure introduced by Ives, Olson, and Baroudi [12] considerably decreased the size of the instrument, further improvements should be considered.


This paper investigates a shortened version of the UIS instrument. Each of the thirteen items on the short-form of the instrument contains two measurement items. The current research analyzes each pair of responses per item and selects the one which is more highly correlated with an overall measurement of satisfaction.


Results of the analyses provide support for the revised UIS instrument. Similar factor structures, high reliability, and similar regression results in both analyses indicate that the revised instrument is a suitable replacement for the traditional UIS scale